menji asked:
Pick someone else I'm going to bed. And you put Iggy at the top.

wooooaaah relax grumpy

iPod shuffle challenge

ha ha ha my phone’s got my summer playlist ew

Thanks adayinthelife78 for the tag ahaha luv u

Get ready for this white girl of a playlist

1. Problem - Ariana grande ft. Iggy Azalea
2. Neon lights - Demi Lovato
3. Light years away - tiesto ft. DBX
4. DJ got us falling in love - Usher
5. wake up call - maroon 5
6. Love on top - Beyoncé
7. Young blood - the naked and famous
8. Watch you go - jordin sparks
9. Wrecking ball - Miley Cyrus
10. Me & you against the world - keke Palmer & max Schneider
11. Mr. President - Pia Mia
12. Mars - jay Sean ft. Rick Ross
13. I need your love - pentatonix
14. Moves like jagger - maroon 5 ft. Christina aguilera
15. Va va voom - nicki minaj
16. Drunk in love - Beyoncé ft. Jay z
17. Make it hot - jessica jarrell ft. Cody Simpson
18. Slave to the rhythm - Michael Jackson
19. Lovin you - Michael Jackson
20. No diggity - black street

am I supposed to tag someone else now
yo menji I choose you



the saddest scene of frozen

I feel really bad for laughing

My mum doesn’t get that Kim k has taken over my life (nor does she know there’s even a game) so when I had a meltdown over not having enough money to buy the land rover she thought I was legitimately having a midlife crisis

I’m eighteen

It actually feels so good to call other people out on bs and they get caught so bad that they’re tangled and literally have no way out of getting out of the situation.